Welcome to the future of language education.


Rakudasoft is dedicated to making language learning fun and more fluid. We currently have several iPhone applications to help with language learning, such as Japanese My Way and Kanji Renshu.

Though our current applications are focused on Japanese learning, we are soon going to be releasing our new application Phrase Blaster, which will be language agnostic. Phraseblaster will allow users to add new grammar and sample sentences to facilitate the building of a crowd sourced reference for language grammar and samples. Using this grammar and sample library, users can then use the voice synthesis and recognition to practice speaking and translating in the language of their choice.

Our next venture will be to use gaming for language learning. We believe that a gaming-type environment can be a great place to learn a new language. After all, gaming and VR is probably the closest you can get to being in a foreign country without actuall living there. Stay turned for more details.

Employment Opportunities

Rakudasoft is not hiring at the present time, but please check back here for future employment opportunities.

Please do not contact us if you are working for an employment or recruiting agency.