This is our first iPhone application. Japanese My Way is a flash card application to assist with Japanese learning. It has a 160,000+ word and 6,500+ kanji dictionary from which you can build you own flash decks to drill. It also has 150,000+ sample sentences all cross referenced to the dictionary so you can see how the words are used

Japanese My Way also has a unique Kanji grading function that allows you to also play games drawing kanji and kana and is able to recognize whether the answer is correct or incorrect based on stroke order and position. In addition to this, you can also choose which conjugation you wish to drill so that you can practice recognizing the various word forms.
Japanese My Way
Kana Practice
Kana Practice is a cut down version of Japanese My Way that just includes the Hiragana and Katakana flash decks. It is designed for beginning Japanese students who are not ready to buy the full version of Japanese My Way, but want to learn the Kana and see how well the application works.