PPJoyZ800 is a program that works in conjunction with PPJoy to provide joystick emulation for the Emagin Z800 virtual reality headset. This allows the Z800 6DOF tracker to be used in any game that supports a joystick, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X and Live for Speed.

Download PPJoy by clicking on the link below, and follow the instructions for installation and adding a virtual joystick. Once you have this installed, download and install PPJoyZ800 from the link below and run the program in the background. This program will pass the tracking information from the Z800 to the virtual joystick.

Note: You must unload the Emagin utility while you are running PPJoyZ800. You
can re-load it again once you exit PPJoyZ800.

To center the head-tracker while playing, you will need to press 'F5'. This is the default, but can be reconfigured in the settings dialog.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.

Download PPJoyZ800 v1.5

Install Instructions for Flight Simulator 2004

Version Information

6th September 2006 6:15pm PST

New version 1.1 uploaded. New features...

Context menu added to tray icon
Added 'keep alive' checkbox option

17th October 2006 11:01pm PST

New version 1.2 uploaded. New features...

Allows axis changes to emulate keyboard keys and buttons for RTS and
programs without 'look around' functionality.

30th January 2007 6:09pm PST

New version 1.3

Fixed null exception error on Japanese Windows (could be dual core related)

13th March 2007 6:02pm PST

New version 1.4

Added center calibration option to the configuration dialog. 3.14 is by default the
center (basically PI). If PPJoyZ800 is consistently appearing off-center when you
press the re-center hotkey, you can play with this value to try and fix the position.

18th March 2007 10:48pm PST

New version 1.5

Fixed bug where restart of application was picking up scale settings from
calibration settings.