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We have just released our newest application Kana Practice. This is a cut down version of Japanese My Way that allows beginners to learn to read and write the Hiragana and Katakana without having to purchase the full version of Japanese My Way. Please visit our product pages for more details.
28th November 2010
2nd December 2010
We are hard at work on our next application called My Japanese Conversation Partner. Learning to write kanji and memorize vocabulary is only half the battle. For those of us who don't live in Japan, practicing Japanese conversation on a daily basis is not always possible, but it is critical to become more comfortable with the language.

To that end we are working on an application that will allow you to have an interactive conversation with your iPhone or iPad. You can key in any conversation or grammar that you wish to practice into an interactive conversation editor and practice it again and again until you are comfortable with it. It will utilize voice synthesis and voice recognition to allow the conversation to flow at a natural pace, and you will be graded on your pronunciation and given a score at the end of the conversation.

We hope to have more details and even a demonstration video up soon. Stay tuned for details.